MECCA launches their TVworks 30sec Commercial Package for just $5,350 + gst.

MECCA Campaigns created the TVworks package to give small business an affordable way to tap into the power of Television advertising without drastically sacrificing creativity or quality.

MECCA believes effective television doesn’t always have to mean a big budget production.
It does however mean that you need to have an ‘idea’ that is responsible to your budget and work from that.

Of course, we also create ideas for people with a little more to spend, those examples can be viewed in our main TV folio here.


Unless you’re lucky enough to own a business that makes or delivers a ‘must have’ product or service, then like the rest of us you need to continually future proof your business by attracting new customers while highly valuing the ones you have.

Referral is often a good way to initiate immediate trust, though there is a growing trend towards people becoming hesitant to refer, the ‘anti-referring’ movement. Why?

Research suggests that current thinking for clients across a range of Industries is: “If you are on to a good thing, sometimes it’s best to keep it to yourself!”

In the case of an Advertising agency such as MECCA, a valued client may be hesitant to refer based on beliefs like “.. if they get too busy what will happen to my work, will I become a less valued client etc”. Of course, new clients can often be the reason for businesses to increase staff levels and training rather than a sacrifice in service level.

This ‘Anti-referring’ movement has the potential to stifle the growth of businesses (big or small), to the point that one day the business which you love so much and covert, may not be there to do your work!

At MECCA, we propose an ongoing quest to promote the joining of businesses and brands for the “Pro-referral” movement!

If you really value something that a business does for you, pay it forward and tell the world so they can keep doing it.
Who knows they may even find a way to do it better!


After a Brand positioning and Marketing review earlier this year by MECCA Campaigns, a revised Logo and Website for Spring Back to Life was relaunched a few weeks ago. Since the relaunch of www.springbacktolife.com.au they have achieved a growth in targeted website visits of over 3000% with a substantial increase on both online and phone enquiry.

The new website was strategically designed from the ground up, including a brand/logo refresh.

On page SEO and SEM (Google Adwords) have also been major contributing factors to the success of this project.

If you are looking for a cost effective website with tailored Content, SEO and SEM that gives excellent ROI, then you should visit MECCA too!


Debt Cutter move to MECCA

Recently we welcomed the nice people at Debt Cutter into the MECCA client family with a launch of their new “Cut your debt and live your life” campaign featuring ‘DC’ the new Debt Cutter mascot!


MECCA is on the Move!

From Friday 16 December, 2011, MECCA will be operating out of the JSA Building, 4 Exhibition St, Bowen Hills.

We will be co-located with JSA Creative.

Oh, and couple of other things have changed as well!
1. Darren Gunning will be our new General Manager
2. Our brand colour will be Blue (for a fresh start!)
3. Phone will now be 07 3257 2333 and Fax 3854 1773

We look forward to 2012 in our new home, surrounded by like minded people!


Of course we all know that newspapers ( and magazines ) are edging ever closer to the cliff-of-no-return and will most likely fall off in the next decade or so. The Pad ( or Tablet ) is here and the Pad generation is just about to be born, literally.

Can you image explaining what a mouse is for to any child born after 2020?

Father to son: Well, you see son, we used to use these things (mouse) to navigate the screen, it was way better than lines of DOS code or Run commands like the old days.

Son (now 5 years, born 2020): Dad, if you even had computers back then, and you had to use your fingers on the mouse, why didn’t you just touch the screen? (Vacant expression)

Well, before that time arrives, Creative agencies and Clients alike will have a decade or so of bridging the Pad with Print Media to deliver highly targeted content and communications only limited by effort and creativity.

This little demonstration from Tesco is just the beginning.

Pad Marketing Food for thought:
My Pad knows who I really am.
My Pad knows my browser history, browsing patterns and behaviours.
My Pad knows who I like and what I like.
My Pad knows my life’s history ( Thanks to Facebook Timeline ).
My Pad it is a Database-monster that always needs to be fed and is continually being fed.

Now, imagine the targeting power of the content you could deliver to each particular users Pad? It is almost hard to fathom.

One press ad can now deliver thousands of unique messages or content all delivered with just one person in mind, me, and at that time, to a marketer, I am the most important person in the world.

Let’s all embrace this experience and deliver some great experiences.

After all, once there are no magazines or newspapers it will be too late!


MECCA is on the Move!

MECCA is moving up in the world! Actually just up the hill a bit really.

From Monday 1 August, MECCA will be operating out of offices at 240 St Pauls Terrace, Spring Hill. We will be co-located with the Interaction Group.

Office and Car park access is via the rear lane off Grenier Street.

Oh, and we have also changed our brand colour to Orange and our Fax number to 07 3852 2781.

We look forward to some of you visiting us soon!


Most of you have probably heard the term “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. If not, then the basic idea behind it is that we can only apply ‘what we know’ to any given situation, though what we know (or think we know in some cases) may not be enough to make a responsible decision.

In the marketing and communications industries we often find situations where both clients and agency professionals alike react based on minimal insight, often diluting the overall success of the task at hand. To be fair, ‘minimal insight’ may be the result of thinking we know, rather than actually knowing, which is an easy hole to fall into.

Some examples:


Client/or Agency Account Manager: “Reversed copy is hard to read, why would you use reverse copy on this job, aren’t you people supposed to know this stuff?”

Designer/Agency Art Director: “Yes, technically it IS harder to read, that is why it has to be used responsibly and with experience based on overall communication goals. Designers and communications experts spend years crafting the when and how to apply reversed type. It will be fine.”

Risk: The ‘reverse type is harder to read’ rule flagged could have easily diluted the dynamics of the overall design or communication objective of the Designer/Art Director. In this case the Designer/ArtD at least had the opportunity to discuss and reassure the Client/AccountM, rather then simply being told not to reverse the type.

Headline Size and Position:

Client/or Agency Account Manager: “We need to make sure the headline is read, why isn’t it at the top of the Ad and Bigger?, I would do this (ad) myself if I had the software!”

Designer/Agency Art Director: “Traditionally a ‘headline’ is the text at the top of a newspaper article, attracting you to and  giving you some insight into the story below it. An Ad is very different to a news article. An Ad should create a unique ‘space’ so that communication and engagement can happen. This ‘space’ can be picture led, headline led or brand/logo led, but there is NO golden rule. An Ad must be noticed before it can be read, and it must be noticed with brand equity and ethos intact. In this design, the picture is the most important element of attraction, and the headline works even stronger sitting down the bottom because of this. It will work better this way.”

Risk: Same as Typography example. Crisis of ‘blandness’ diverted.

There are many more examples of when A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing that happen in our everyday lives. The next time you need the help of a professional be it for Plumbing, Gardening or  Advertising, assume they are acting in your best interest.

Always ask ‘why?’ If you need to understand, but in my experience, professionals will generally explain this anyway as THEY need you to understand. If not, you should find someone that will, but just make sure you aren’t limiting the success of the overall job with a little knowledge being applied as a rule!


Globally there has been a steady decline on click through rates for online display advertising. The average CTR (Click through rate) for banners and display Ads is now at approx 0.2% (or lower depending on sector) on the total number of Ads served, achieving a 1-2% is considered very successful and these results require the right balance between the message/offer, how it is presented by look and feel and the relevance of the website which it appears. Basically it’s not about someone with a computer and a graphic program making up an Ad and serving it on the web somewhere, it still comes back to strategic communication and strategic placement.

The interesting thing about display Ads is that since on average an online campaign will serve 10,000’s if not 100,000’s of impressions of your Ad, then if you think of the Banner Ad like a Billboard or Print Ad, aside from the CTR, the number of possible ‘eyeballs’ is huge. Banner campaigns often drive an increase in web traffic to a site via search engines rather then just clicks, as the Banners create awareness like all advertising, then if the message or content spikes interest, a user will investigate later via Google etc. This is a major strength of online campaigns and is often the holy grail rather than the CTR’s themselves.

Another basic strategic flaw (aside from judging an online campaign solely on CTR’s) is putting all the effort into creating the right Ad/Message but not giving the user an engaging experience if they do decide to Click right then and there or via a search engine. What’s the point of finding a potential customer in the first place if once you have them, you do not put in any effort to engage or excite them? Online campaigns need to be as ’sticky’ as possible, and the later is ignored by both marketers and clients more frequently than it should. This is mostly due to ignorance of how to create ’sticky’ content and the effort it requires. If we step back, web ’stickiness’ is often common sense, we just need to ask ourselves ‘what would we want or expect from a web page (or site)’ once we arrived at the destination driven by particular message or offer.

At the end of the day, we may buy a book because we like the cover, but if the story isn’t ’sticky’ we certainly won’t read it or more importantly, value and share it. The same goes for online web advertising.


Ok, I am not really sure if this qualify’s as an actual blog, but I while commuting to work this morning I had the epiphany that from a marketing perspective “The world is only as small as the size of the screen you view it on”. Which pretty much means we can communicate effectively to any (micro or macro) target market, anywhere and at anytime.