Unless you’re lucky enough to own a business that makes or delivers a ‘must have’ product or service, then like the rest of us you need to continually future proof your business by attracting new customers while highly valuing the ones you have.

Referral is often a good way to initiate immediate trust, though there is a growing trend towards people becoming hesitant to refer, the ‘anti-referring’ movement. Why?

Research suggests that current thinking for clients across a range of Industries is: “If you are on to a good thing, sometimes it’s best to keep it to yourself!”

In the case of an Advertising agency such as MECCA, a valued client may be hesitant to refer based on beliefs like “.. if they get too busy what will happen to my work, will I become a less valued client etc”. Of course, new clients can often be the reason for businesses to increase staff levels and training rather than a sacrifice in service level.

This ‘Anti-referring’ movement has the potential to stifle the growth of businesses (big or small), to the point that one day the business which you love so much and covert, may not be there to do your work!

At MECCA, we propose an ongoing quest to promote the joining of businesses and brands for the “Pro-referral” movement!

If you really value something that a business does for you, pay it forward and tell the world so they can keep doing it.
Who knows they may even find a way to do it better!

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