In follow up to our previous post, I thought I would share two really engaging viral campaigns that I have come across this week, both call for active engagement with one of the campaigns having you literally travelling overseas for an Island treasure hunt worth $500,000, and the other driving foot traffic in store to get 3D glasses that are required for the online participation component. The increased foot traffic obviously creating exposure to the retailers offer for both current, lapsed and potential customers.

1. Treasure hunt for $500,00 cash: To promote a lesser know (holiday destination) island in the Carribean, and what a great way to get exposure, a PR managers dream!
Discover the Hunt here

2. Dance off 3D: To promote Jay Jays range of youth clothing via a fresh and engaging way to deliver an online catalogue via a Dance Off. 3D will become the norm for not only cinema but also for the home television, so Jay Jays decided to jump on band wagon now – I guess you could say, 3D is the new black!
Dance off here

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