Globally there has been a steady decline on click through rates for online display advertising. The average CTR (Click through rate) for banners and display Ads is now at approx 0.2% (or lower depending on sector) on the total number of Ads served, achieving a 1-2% is considered very successful and these results require the right balance between the message/offer, how it is presented by look and feel and the relevance of the website which it appears. Basically it’s not about someone with a computer and a graphic program making up an Ad and serving it on the web somewhere, it still comes back to strategic communication and strategic placement.

The interesting thing about display Ads is that since on average an online campaign will serve 10,000’s if not 100,000’s of impressions of your Ad, then if you think of the Banner Ad like a Billboard or Print Ad, aside from the CTR, the number of possible ‘eyeballs’ is huge. Banner campaigns often drive an increase in web traffic to a site via search engines rather then just clicks, as the Banners create awareness like all advertising, then if the message or content spikes interest, a user will investigate later via Google etc. This is a major strength of online campaigns and is often the holy grail rather than the CTR’s themselves.

Another basic strategic flaw (aside from judging an online campaign solely on CTR’s) is putting all the effort into creating the right Ad/Message but not giving the user an engaging experience if they do decide to Click right then and there or via a search engine. What’s the point of finding a potential customer in the first place if once you have them, you do not put in any effort to engage or excite them? Online campaigns need to be as ’sticky’ as possible, and the later is ignored by both marketers and clients more frequently than it should. This is mostly due to ignorance of how to create ’sticky’ content and the effort it requires. If we step back, web ’stickiness’ is often common sense, we just need to ask ourselves ‘what would we want or expect from a web page (or site)’ once we arrived at the destination driven by particular message or offer.

At the end of the day, we may buy a book because we like the cover, but if the story isn’t ’sticky’ we certainly won’t read it or more importantly, value and share it. The same goes for online web advertising.

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