Of course we all know that newspapers ( and magazines ) are edging ever closer to the cliff-of-no-return and will most likely fall off in the next decade or so. The Pad ( or Tablet ) is here and the Pad generation is just about to be born, literally.

Can you image explaining what a mouse is for to any child born after 2020?

Father to son: Well, you see son, we used to use these things (mouse) to navigate the screen, it was way better than lines of DOS code or Run commands like the old days.

Son (now 5 years, born 2020): Dad, if you even had computers back then, and you had to use your fingers on the mouse, why didn’t you just touch the screen? (Vacant expression)

Well, before that time arrives, Creative agencies and Clients alike will have a decade or so of bridging the Pad with Print Media to deliver highly targeted content and communications only limited by effort and creativity.

This little demonstration from Tesco is just the beginning.

Pad Marketing Food for thought:
My Pad knows who I really am.
My Pad knows my browser history, browsing patterns and behaviours.
My Pad knows who I like and what I like.
My Pad knows my life’s history ( Thanks to Facebook Timeline ).
My Pad it is a Database-monster that always needs to be fed and is continually being fed.

Now, imagine the targeting power of the content you could deliver to each particular users Pad? It is almost hard to fathom.

One press ad can now deliver thousands of unique messages or content all delivered with just one person in mind, me, and at that time, to a marketer, I am the most important person in the world.

Let’s all embrace this experience and deliver some great experiences.

After all, once there are no magazines or newspapers it will be too late!

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